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California Computer Service Customer
"Being the IT manager for one of California's largest agricultural growers has always been an enjoyable job. But for the last 5 years a big part of that enjoyment has come from the great relationship and service I have received from our Tech Special Forces Rep with Computer Service Now. Due to the property sizes involved in the agriculture business it's not really practical for our company to maintain anything more than a 3 man in house I.T. staff, as from experience that size staff is the most effective way to provide a first line of service to our PC users. Once that staff determines that there is solid hardware failure at a remote site they simply call Computer Service Now and schedule the repair. This keeps my staff close at hand and better managed as compared to a scenario where I send them out on 60 mile trips in every direction to fix computer problems. This way I can guarantee that my staff spends their time more productively on the in house projects, such as back end sever and account maintenance, that any firm our size has to deal with."

"I know using Computer Service Now for all these years on our remote break fix jobs has saved our department hundreds of thousands in additional payroll. And from a managers stand point it's nice to know I can call Computer Service Now at any time and not to have to worry about who on my small staff is on vacation or who has the day off when some computer needs serviced right away."

--Andrew Slane

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Contact Info:
Phone: 877-422-1907
Fax: 800-440-1662
or email: Delivers to most major cities in California including:
| Anaheim | Bakersfield | Cathedral City | Fremont | Glendale | Huntington Beach | Irvine | Laguna Beach | Long Beach |
| Los Angeles | Modesto | Monterey | Napa Valley | Oakland | Palo Alto | Riverside | Sacramento | San Clemente |
| San Diego | San Francisco | San Jose | Santa Ana | Santa Barbara | Silicon Valley | Sonoma | Stockton |

Featured California Convention Facilities
Los Angeles Convention Center - Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Convention Center The Los Angeles Convention Center, or LACC for short, is best known to many of its visitors as the host of such annual events as the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show as well as E3 -- the largest and most popular video game expo in the world. 

Event Calendar  |  Directions  |  Floor Plans | Request Convention Support Service
San Diego Convention Center - San Diego, California
San Diego Convention Center The San Diego Convention Center has become one of the nations largest convention centers, and the premier meeting destination Southern California. With over half a million square foot, San Diego Convention Center and its five star service is located in the heart of the beautiful San Diego Bay area. 

Event Calendar  |  Directions  |  Floor Plans  | Request Convention Support Service
South San Francisco Conference Center - San Francisco, California
South San Francisco Conference Center Capable of hosting conferences, corporate meetings, events, and receptions of all sizes the South San Francisco Conference Center is a well known California convention center.  This conference center is specifically designed to to host meetings, events, and conventions and is well known as a full service convention and conference center. 

Event Calendar | Directions | Floor Plans  | Request Convention Support Service
Long Beach Convention Center - Long Beach, California
Long Beach Convention Center The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center  is an arena complex located in Long Beach, California which commonly holds various entertainment and sporting events such as hockey, basketball, and concerts. 

Event Calendar | Directions | Floor Plans  | Request Convention Support Service
Staples Center - Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Convention Center The Staples Center, which is part of The L.A. Live project, is a multi-purpose sporting arena in downtown LA and is also right next to the Los Angeles Convention Center.  The L.A. Live was built and designed to offer entertainment, retail, and residential programming to the downtown LA area.  

Event Calendar  |  Directions  |  Floor Plans  | Request Convention Support Service

Local California Computer Service provided by these Tech Army members:
Deborah Chambers from Ace Computer in Bakersfield, California
Eric Peterson, IT Professional in California
Janine X from CCR Solutions in Toronto, California
Joe Harvick from Harvick Enterprises in Redding, California
Dan Sturdivant from My-Pro Tech-Guy in Modesto, California
Paul Foster from Protec Digital Video Security in Fresno, California
Dustin Davis from ProTech Services in Riverside, California
Orbel Minassian from RJ Audio & Video Rentals in Riverside, California
Joseph Amiri from World Technology Solutions in Modesto, California
David Tashbook from QNE PC Repair in Santa Monica, California
Howard Lee from Baynet Computer in Fremont, California
Binnie Pugh from Copier Rental Company in Garden Grove, California
Daniel Fonda from Innate Technology in Century City, California
Steve Bard from XCS Inc in Anaheim, California
Jason Shackelford from Celtic Computer Systems in Huntington Beach, California
Michael Bali from Xpertek Solutions Inc in Fremont, California
Ryan Kussner from Kussner Computer Service in Costa Mesa, California
Tony Spackman from Source One Rentals in Costa Mesa, California
Nathaniel Miller from All Office Equipment in Fullerton, California

We provide fast installation and repair of the latest computer technology in every major city in California. Through our partnership with the Tech Special Forces we have local technicians throughout California ready and waiting. Through your single point of contact in the Tech Special Forces you can schedule multiple service jobs anywhere in California, and leave the coordinating to the experts.

California Technicians, Installers and Engineers Wanted!
Are you or your company proficient in any of the following industries in California:
-Computer Service / Repair Industry
-CCTV Security Camera Industry
-Technology Rental Industry
-Construction and Home Building Industry
-Networking Industry
-Corporate Events and Planning Industry

Or are you a:
-Independent Contractor
-Technology Expert

Then Sign Up for the Tech Army Organization! Help us combat bad computer service with better, more professional, service from companies like you. Only the best need apply! See if you or your company qualify to be among some of the best computer or AV service tech companies in the world.

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For all your computer / audio visual rental or leasing needs visit to find out how a California Computer Rental can save your firm time and money.

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New York | Los Angeles | Las Vegas | Houston | Chicago | Phoenix | San Antonio | San Diego | Dallas | San Jose | Boston | Indianapolis

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