About Us

6730 Roosevelt building

We Are Here For You When You Need Us

Computer Service Now is headquartered in Middletown, Ohio five minutes off of I-75. Our shop is able to service hundreds of computers at a time and we will travel anywhere in southwest Ohio to handle your service needs.

Our History

In 1987, CFR Inc. opened a local computer rental business, Rentacomputer.com. Technicians at CFR Inc. worked solely on equipment for the rental orders and ensured that the rental equipment was maintained and upgraded properly.

In 1991, Computer Service Now opened as the service branch of CFR Inc., handling all of the needs of Rentacomputer.com but also expanding it's services to the local community.

Starting in 2004, CFR Inc. launched an organization known as the Tech-Army. Computer Service Now began utilizing the services of the Tech-Army to offer the same exceptional service it offered in southwest Ohio to the entire United States.

Our Benefits

We offer top-tier service to small and medium businesses.

With our experience, expertise, and wide variety of services, we're confident we can provide the IT support your business needs.

We offer comprehensive solutions for real-world IT problems that fit in with your overall business strategy, and strive to stay within your budget. Let us help you solve all of your IT needs!

Meet Our Executive Team

John Beagle, President

John enjoys biking, golf, racquetball and staying active. As the CEO and founder of CFR Inc., John has been with the company since the very beginning and constantly pushes the company to offer a level of service unmatched by the competition.

Andy Wendt, VP of Marketing

As a history buff with a love for war games, Andy is all about strategy. He takes this love and puts it to work for CFR and Computer Service Now through innovative marketing both offline and online.

Scott Gardner, Sr. Engineer

Video games and trending technology are just two of Scott's interests that drive him to be a great engineer. As an MCSE, Scott finds unique and creative solutions to client problems and the best way to implement them.

Our Philosophy

  • Don't Just Fix The Problem

    We don't believe in just fixing a problem, we strive to offer proactive solutions that prevent problems in the first place, and attack problems at their root cause when they do occur.

  • Continuous improvement

    We're focused on keeping our business on the cutting edge through continuous improvement and innovation.

  • Customer satisfaction

    We work every day to provide the best customer service possible through rapid issue resolution, timely communication, and a promise that our representatives will always be polite and courteous.

Our Strategy

We Don't Want To Be Like The Rest

Computer Service Now strives to be the premier IT firm in the Cincinnati/Dayton region through our high level of customer service and satisfaction. We believe this can only be achieved by following a set of basic rules:

People say

Computer Service Now has been servicing our office for nearly two decades, and I have yet to find a problem which they could not solve. Their low turn-over of staff means that I get consistantly knowledgable technicians who are familiar with my setup and understand my needs. They are professional, courteous, and friendly. We are happy to have a great business relationship with Computer Service Now and look forward to many more years together.

Doctor P.L., Middletown, Ohio

We've used 5-6 different computer companies to service our network, and none have been as thorough and helpful as CSN. We aren't very computer savvy and their techs still can figure out what we're talking about and how to help us. They blocks of time give us a great discount on our work and really help cut out a lot of paperwork for us.

Jessi T., Springboro, Ohio