Security Cameras & Access Control

Professional security camera installation

Security Cameras & Installation

You may be surprised by the quality and versatility of our security camera and access control solutions. We offer a range of options to fit your needs and budget, ranging from a few cameras on a standalone digital recorder, to systems with up to 128 cameras and a robust Windows-based network video recorder and backup storage.

Access control security systems

Access Control Solutions

Monitoring access and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive areas of your facility is very important to the security of your employees, customers, and other valuable assets such as network infrastructure or inventory. We offer a variety of access control solutions through our Camera Security Now division.

Featured Services

Access control system

Access Control

Access control with thumbprint scanners, ID card readers, and a variety of other solutions to grant access to authorized users.

Remote security footage viewing

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing software included on all security camera systems with no additional monthly or recurring fee.

Up to 12 Mega-pixel high resolution imaging

Megapixel Quality

4 megapixel high-resolution image quality standard on all IP cameras, with some models offering up to 12 megapixel ultra-HD, higher than 4K resolution!

Security camera features

Variety of Features

Cameras with features like infrared, license plate recognition, pan-tilt-zoom, vandal / weatherproof, object tracking / counting and more

Camera Security Now

Our security camera and access control division, Camera Security Now, offers surveillance equipment for all markets. Our experienced security specialists sell and install high quality cameras all over the United States and governments, businesses and schools alike trust Camera Security Now to provide comprehensive security solutions.

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