Computer Services

Blue screen of death

Computer Troubleshooting

Sometimes you don't know what's wrong - that's why we're here. We can determine if your computer problems are the result of a virus, malware, a hardware failure, faulty drivers, or anything else! If you're computer just isn't working the way you need - let us fix it for you.

Computer infected with a virus

Virus & Malware Removal

No matter how careful you are on the internet or what type of anti-virus software you have, sometimes things happen! Viruses and malware can turn an otherwise healthy computer to a slow dinosaur. Let us clean up your computer and get it back up to speed.

Man fixing a computer

Computer Repair

Computer Service Now will find out what is causing your computer issues and fix them. This might include hardware replacement, hardware upgrades, malicious software removal, or it simply might require a system cleanup or tuneup. Whatever ails your PC, we can get it back to optimal health.

Wrenches on a laptop

General PC Tune-Up

Computer Service Now will perform both a physical hardware tune-up and software tune-up for your sluggish computer. This will include processes like virus removal, software updates, defragmentation, physical hardware check, a thorough dusting and much more!

Man working on a desktop

Custom Computer Design & Building

Computer Service Now can assist you in designing and building a computer that has the specifications that will be perfect for your application. Whether its a powerhouse gaming rig or a simple work PC, we can make sure your computer needs are met when building a custom PC.

Cyber Security

Computer Security

Computer Service Now can help protect your data and your PC from future issues. We can shield your computer from malware and adware with antivirus programs. With backup solutions and cloud storage we can keep your data safe and restorable in the event of data loss.

Data stream concept

Data Transfers

Whether you need help transferring data from one server to another or setting up a new network for your business, Computer Service Now can help you with your Data Transfer needs! Computer Service Now can minimize unnecessary downtime and other risks such as data loss or corruption when transferring your data.

Logo of a man in a suit

New PC or New User Setups

If you run a smaller business and don’t have any dedicated IT personnel or if you just need personal assistance, Computer Service Now can assist you in the setup of new PCs and User accounts.

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