Managed IT Service Provider

Computer Service Now is proud to provide a managed IT service to businesses in need. A managed service is a more pro-active approach than traditional IT solutions, allowing us to prevent potential problems before they affect your business. Features of our managed service packages include:

Virus & Malware Protection

Virus Protection

Protecting your computers and servers from viruses and other malicious activity that can harm your business is crucial to your business IT plan. Computer Service Now provides industry-leading virus and malware protection, and will make sure your system's virus and malware protection is active and the subscription does not expire.

IT Hardware Monitoring

Hardware Monitoring

If you have slow or outdated hardware, not only are your employees wasting time waiting on slow computers, but you may be leaving your business vulnerable to a variety of security threats. Computer Service Now will monitor hardware utilization to detect potential problems and identify outdated or inadequate hardware, and provide recommendations to keep your business secure.

Scheduled IT Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Computer Service Now will schedule and monitor Windows, drivers and other software updates, system reboots, disk defragmentation, and many other tasks to improve system performance. Not only will we save your valuable time, but we will give you the peace of mind that these important tasks are completing properly and on schedule.

Automated IT Alerts

Automated Alerts

Computer Service Now will detect and send automated alerts that are tailored to your needs. Conditions such as a specified device going offline, hard drive space going below a threshold, or when certain backups or software updates fail can all trigger alerts. These alerts come directly to Computer Service Now, and can also be sent to you to keep you informed.

Monitored Device & Cloud Backups

Monitored Backups

Computer Service Now will monitor data backups from your server, computers, or other devices to ensure they are completing properly and on schedule.

Executive IT Reporting

Executive Reporting

Computer Service Now will send executive reporting on an automated schedule, to keep you informed on the status of your system, any current or ongoing issues, and any issues we have recently resolved for you.

No need for a full-time IT staff! Computer Service Now can manage your IT needs without costing you a fortune! Contact us today to discuss a managed plan that handles all of your IT needs.

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Why Use Computer Service Now's Managed IT Service?

Improved IT security

Improved Security

Through proper network setup and monitoring, paired with our award-winning virus and malware protection software packages, we can reduce your risk of a security event, such as a ransomware attack or data loss or theft. Our technicians can have the ability to monitor and access your devices remotely, which helps us focus on our number one goal: prevention.

Reduced Downtime

Downtime can be incredibly costly to your business. In addition to preventing downtime, having a recovery plan in place will reduce the disruption to your business in the case of a downtime event. A managed service is a very important component to any recovery plan.

Improved Response Time

Remote monitoring and access improves response time when an issue does arise, compared to a traditional break-fix service. A Computer Service Now technician can remotely connect to your system and resolve many issues without having to arrange an on-site visit.

Reduced IT Costs

Customers with an active managed service plan through CSN will receive reduced rates for on-site and remote service. Some plans include a monthly allowance for service. However, the cost of your IT service is only one component of total IT cost, often the cost of a security or data loss event can greatly outweigh the cost of your IT service.

Managed IT Service Provider
IT Hardware Assessment & Consultation

Hardware Assessment & Consultation

When investing in hardware, it is important to know that you are getting the most value out of your investment. We can monitor your hardware down to the component level, identify your hardest working and most outdated equipment, and provide upgrade recommendations tailored to your needs.