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Computer Service Now sells all types of IT equipment. Servers, computers, tablets, accessories, and more.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or need help picking out the right piece of equipment, we can help. Call us today and talk to us about your IT equipment needs.

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We Know What You Need

Buying equipment yourself may seem straightforward, but we often find that customers buy over or underpowered equipment or devices that are not compatible with their current IT environment. We understand your needs and can sell you exactly what you need - nothing more, nothing less.

High quality products at reasonable price

You Get What You Pay For

With websites like eBay and Amazon, we understand that pricing plays an important role in your decision about where to buy. Unfortunately, when you purchase from non-IT companies you are at the mercy of what they send you... and sometimes what they send you isn't necessarily of the same caliber as what a true IT firm offers.

Computer Service Now offers IT equipment with no strings attached

The "Gotcha"s Of IT

We had a customer once who bought a piece of equipment used off eBay without consulting us. What the customer didn't know was the device could only be used by the original purchaser and couldn't be transferred. The manufactor of the device had locked it down and the customer had no recourse but to buy a new device of their own.

These little "gotcha"s can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Don't get stuck with something you can't use. Let us make sure what you get will work with what you have and need.

Computer Service Now local service and support consultants

Local Service & Support

While buying from an online retailer may seem like a good idea upfront, when that piece of equipment needs serviced it is rare that an online retailer can offer the same level of support as a local company.

We are here to support your equipment in any way possible, and when purchased through us you will get service above and beyond our already excellent care.